About Us

In 1995, Cindy Comer sold her furniture store, took a sabbatical, and then decided to try her hand at new: fixing and flipping houses.  It took her 6 months to flip her first house, and in 1996 she only managed to flip one single property.  After that, she started to get the hang of it.  In 1997, she flipped five deals.  In 1998 she flipped fourteen, and in 1990 thirty-two properties.  About this time, the California real estate market began to recover from the early 90’s massive recession.  The California real  estate market was roaring back, and Cindy was riding the wave.

In 2001, Kurtis Squyres had had enough of the corporate stockbroker world.  After visiting Dana Point, California with a company sponsored trip (Kurtis was living in Corpus Christi, Texas), he couldn’t believe the climate and beauty of Southern California.  One year later, Kurtis threw his belongings in a U-Haul and headed west to try something that didn’t require wearing a suit and tie or being confined to an office; real estate investing.

Deciding that the fastest route to learning was to find a mentor, Kurtis called upon “We Buy Houses” ads he found in the“Pennysaver”.  On his fourth attempt, he found an investor who said she would teach Kurtis the ropes if he helped with bookkeeping, AND help hunt for more real estate deals.  That investor was Cindy Comer (soon to be Cindy Squyres).

Fast forward ten years.  Kurtis and Cindy are raising four kids and continue to follow their passion hunting for incredible real estate deals.  Despite getting wiped out in 2006 when the worst meltdown in California history struck (they were working on a dozen homes at the time), they hung in there, changed their business model, and kept right on looking for deals.

Today, and a couple hundred homes later, Kurtis, Cindy, and their growing team continue to use the very same techniques for finding once-in-a-lifetime deals, but now they find amazing deals for other investors and homebuyers in addition to themselves.

Kurtis and Cindy care as much about the seller as they do about the buyer, and see finding and buying discount property as a way of providing a valuable service to sellers that often have a “problem” situation or property.Helping to relieve sellers of burdens, beautifying neighborhoods, and providing wealth building deals to their clients, Kurtis, Cindy, and the Far Below Market Team are committed to win-win outcomes.  Win-win is the Far Below Market Realty way.

Mission Statement: 

The mission of the FarBelowMarket.com team is to provide wealth building Southern California real estate at prices that are Far Below Market. Our mission is also to form a network of like-minded individuals, all working together towards the unified goal of bringing financial liberation to our network and to ourselves, evaluating and judging all transactions not solely by profit, but by the sum total benefit that can be derived by everyone involved in that transaction.