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These deals are the trademark properties for Far Below Market…we’re talking the BEST DEALS MONEY CAN BUY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, AND WE AREN’T KIDDING!!

We take great pride in our ability to find “once-in-a-lifetime” deals on a monthly basis and bring them straight to you! They may be “scratch-and-dent” specials. Or, they may be in foreclosure. Sometimes, the property has very little wrong with it, but it is an inheritance or divorce situation and the sellers need it liquidated as soon as possible, and do not have the luxury of sprucing and marketing the property.

Unfortunately, you may notice that this page often only has deals that are already “Sold”. Or, it may only have one or two deals available at any given time. There is a simple reason for this: our deals don’t sit!! You are going to want to check this site often. Hint: if you want to be first to find out when we post these deals, we STRONGLY recommend that you do one or all of the following:

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At Far Below Market, we have BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING freshly updated properties that typically have the most up-to-date and latest amenities from appliances to counter tops, sinks and faucets, tile, etc. etc.

These are properties that we (or our partners) have freshly remodeled. Often, they even come fully furnished and ready to go. These properties are for those that simply do not want to mess with any kind of repairs like painting, replacing carpet, (or anything else for that matter).

Because we and our sellers are primarily investors and the goal is to move them very quickly, you can still FIND REAL ESTATE BARGAINS here EVEN THOUGH THE INVENTORY IS TOP OF THE LINE!

If you want to put the key in the door, turn it, and begin to enjoy a beautiful new home with the latest and greatest upgrades, and the best that the Southern California lifestyle has to offer, our remodeled properties are for you.